Principal Search

The current principal announced that she will be leaving Justice High School at the end of the current school year.

The Justice High School PTSA and our fellow Pyramid feeder-school PTAs/PTOs delivered a letter to FCPS leadership regarding the Principal selection process on March 8. That letter can be found here.

The faculty and staff at Justice High School also delivered a letter to FCPS leadership offering their insights on potential candidates and asking to be fully included in the process. Click here to read their March 12 letter.

On Tuesday, March 12th, FCPS Region 2 Assistant Superintendent Megan Vroman hosted a virtual staff and community meeting and shared the hiring process and timeline moving forward.  Click here to watch the recording of the meeting. The code is evQ.U7SYpm.

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The links below describe the process FCPS follows to identify and select a new Principal (links will open in a separate window):

Click here for the FCPS Principal Selection Process web page.

Click here for the FCPS Principal Selection Process Explanation Video.

Click here for the FCPS School-based Administrator Performance Evaluation Program

Candidate Interviews will be Wednesday April 24, 2024. The Principal selection is typically announced 6 weeks from the date of the interview, roughly June 5, 2024.


Attend a PTSA Community Listening Session to Provide Input to FCPS

FCPS does not have plans to host community input sessions, so the PTSA will do so and will forward the video and transcript to FCPS leadership. This will not be a Question & Answer session, only feedback collection. Listed below is the current schedule; it will be updated if there are changes. Spanish and Arabic interpreters will be provided, if you need a different language please let us know. We will post recordings of our PTSA community input meetings (links will be added as we hold these meetings):

  1. Monday, April 1 — virtual
  2. Thursday, April 4 — virtual
  3. Saturday, April 6 — in-person, Willston Center
  4. Tuesday, April 9 6:00 pm — in-person, Bailey’s Community Center (virtual chat-only option available, no translation CLICK HERE)
  5. Thursday, April 11 6:00 pm — in-person, Justice High School (virtual chat-only option available, no translation CLICK HERE)


Justice Students: Submit Survey

Justice Pyramid Parents and Students: Email & to provide feedback on the characteristics that you think the Principal of Justice should possess. Deadline to submit input, instructions below, is 4 p.m. on April 12, 2024.

You can use the categories below, provided as a guide by FCPS, to craft your response.

  1. Leadership Skills: Knowledge, Skills, and abilities related to management of programs, staff, community relations and more. (i.e., problem solving, communication).
  2. Leadership Characteristics: Personal qualities and traits of a leader that demonstrate their ability to effectively lead (i.e., integrity, empathy).
  3. Administrative Experience: Previous experience as a leader (i.e., Title I, School level, etc.).
  4. School Issues to be Met/School Challenges to be Addressed: Any Justice-specific areas of opportunity and growth.
  5. Unique Needs of the School: Other unique aspects of Justice that may not necessarily be a challenge (i.e., IB programming). What sets Justice apart from other schools?

or you can simply copy and paste the list below into your email and send it

Please ensure that each candidate:

  • understands the Justice High School community and student population, particularly students for whom English is not a first-language, students who have advanced academic expectations, students with disabilities, students whose life-experiences are reflective of the span of our socio-economic spectrum from poor to wealthy, and students whose family-backgrounds span the education-completion spectrum from grade-school to doctorates;
  • possesses the ability to create an inclusive environment that is rooted in both empathy and high expectations, executed compassionately and diligently, and where all students feel valued and supported;
  • appreciates the significance of effective public relations, especially comprehensive community outreach and family engagement, including interactions which build trust and foster collaboration to build strong partnerships with parents, community organizations, and local businesses to help support the school’s mission and enhance opportunities for students;
  • handles crises effectively, whether academic, social, or safety related;
  • communicates proactively, transparently, and consistently with all stakeholders;
  • illustrates strong interest and experience in seeking meaningful input from staff, parents, and students, especially including timely follow-through and effective problem-solving;
  • leads by setting clear goals, inspiring others, making decisive decisions, driving instructional and organizational process and change, implementing with fidelity, and executing with persistency; 
  • demonstrates skilled personnel management abilities, with an emphasis on identifying, hiring, supporting, and evaluating highly effective faculty, administrators, and staff;
  • has experience with the facilitation of multidisciplinary and high-quality teaching and learning;
  • exhibits creativity in the development and implementation of practices and programs; 
  • knows about the functionality, structure, and policies of the FCPS system;
  • commits with resilience to the long-term success of the school, including staying for at least five years; and
  • approaches with ingenuity the continuing vision of establishing our school as a leader in education.


Deadline to submit the Google form application is 4 p.m. on April 12, 2024.

Participants will need to be available from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, with a lunch break. Interviews will be conducted at 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042. Accommodations for language/interpretation, and transportation can be made if indicated. Region leadership will identify a group of (3) staff and three (3) community members to represent the school. The FCPS Department of Human Resources will contact individuals who are selected to serve in this capacity.

Follow this link or use the QR code below.